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Asian Weddings

Asian Wedding Photography

Indian weddings are stunning events, The colours the thousand year old traditions are something every one should see. I have been lucky enough to photograph Muslim weddings, Sikh weddings and Hindu weddings. Each type of Wedding could not be more different and has a completely different history. I am half English My dad being English and My mum being Born in lahore Pakistan she moved to this country when she was 8, my mixed culture go’s further I also have Portuguese and Burmese blood, being a complete mixture enables me to understand and respect the varios traditions. I have been really moved by the compassion and deep respect from the varios religions I work calmly and respectfully in the background.

I am accustomed to arranging large group shots and offering direction when needed amongst large amounts of family members, everything I do is with patience and a smile.

With Asian Weddings, I am usually there at least 10 hours sometimes 12, I start early in the morning and usually end late into the night. I also highly recommend two photographers for such large events so we can capture all aspects of your wedding, if you have over 200 people I recommend three photographers and two videographers, I have all the people ready to help.

Asian wedding photography had to go into it’s own category since the wedding rituals are so different I have been lucky enough to photograph Muslim Weddings, Buddhist weddings, sri lankan weddings, sikh weddings and Hindu weddings. I love how vibrant and colourful the events are, the spiritual nature and beauty of the traditions really inspire me.

walima, Nikka, Barat, mehndi party, and traditional Buddhist ceremony.

london Central Mosque Wedding

london Central Mosque Wedding

London central mosque wedding are in the perfect location, in the heart of central London Splendid equipped halls

Muslim wedding photographer London

Baratt and Nikkah Wedding

Barrat and Nikkah Ceremony 

cobham hall wedding photography

Cobham Hall wedding photography

Cobham Hall wedding Photography. I Would just like to say a special thank you to Natalia and Sunny, the wonderful Bride

saint hill manor wedding photography

Saint Hill Manor Wedding

Saint Hill Manor offers a wonderful venue for this Sri Lankan wedding. Christine and Sam were such a wonderful wedding

hallmark hotel croydon wedding photography

Hallmark Hotel Croydon Henna Party

Hallmark Hotel Croydon Henna Parties are full of colour and cultural beauty, Mahwish wasnted something natural and

mehndi party photography london

Mehndi Party Photography

Mehndi parties are great fun, they begin with some beautiful spiritual customs performed by the priest and often end

Alexandra Palace wedding photography

Alexandra Palace wedding

Alexandra Palace Alexandra Palace is a very famous wedding venue, It’s so popular it’s all ready fully

sikh engagement party london

King’s Head mayfair

Kings Head Mayfair Kings Head Mayfair was the perfect venue for Pinx and Christopher, the event was Sikh engagement

Indian wedding photography

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