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Hi and welcome to my portfolio, I’m David london based and world wide photographer. Since as long as I can remember I was obsessed with natural beauty. I would always spend hours of my time observing people and nature, I was rarely without a pencil or paintbrush in my hand. My passion quickly turned towards photography, I loved how with a camera you could document people and beautiful moments simply as they are. My hobby became semi professional 1o years ago when I bought my first Pro Canon camera whilst traveling the Far east and I have never looked back since. One of my great loves in this world  is people, I learned that Photography is not just about being good at taking photos, it’s the ability to get on with people from all cultures and make them feel relaxed so they forget the camera and instead just enjoy the process. I am deeply inspired by the authenticity of weddings, the emotions are so raw and the laughter the tears of joy is something which is truly magical. Wedding photography can be truly beautiful I have a powerful vision and photograph in a photojournalism style, documenting the day as it is, with some beautiful couple shots which always need a bit of posing. I do everything with a smile and have a huge amount of love for my bride and groomes and family and friends.

I love to travel the world meeting and exploring the diversity of life, Weddings have been the ultimate platform for me to be incredibly happy whilst working and making people’s dream weddings become a reality. My style is natural relaxed and highly professional I want to create memories which will survive a generation, so family members can look back and the photos and they can still be current and beautiful, this is achieved by not over stylizing and always appreciating the moment. I can’t wait to capture your unique story.


David loves to photograph both western weddings, Asian wedding and fusion weddings. His style is discreet and mainly focuses on Reportage. His calm yet highly professional style has got him praise with many of his clients and guests alike.  David loves to capture beauty and focuses on creating fine art Bridal photograph and very romantic and artistic couple shots. David loves to travel and photographs wedding around the Uk and the world. David has a range of wonderful testimonial and nearly all his work comes from referrals. 


It is always great to have one more photographer, there is so much happening in a wedding, that’s why I have trained three amazing photographers who are part of the team and also photograph in the company’s name.


Annie has a truly feminine take on wedding photography, perfect for bridal getting ready shots and all those intricate details. Annie is Davids Wife and after many years of working side by side as a couple, they make the perfect team for capturing your day with love and professionalism. Annie is a master of capturing delicate beauty and loves symmetry in her shots. Perfect for morning photos, where you wan’t a female only environment.


I have been fortunate enough to photograph and edit many wedding for David Christopher Photography. By working with David, my passion for photography has grown and I have found capturing those special moments of happiness extremely enjoyable and rewarding. My photography approach is a form of photojournalism and my goal is to provide honest, natural and truly unique record of your special day.


I live to be the reason someone has a smile on their face, knowing that I made a positive difference in their life. Getting right there in the moment with them and capturing their special story through photography is such a powerful way of etching their moments in forever. I am privileged to be able to say that I am a photographer, not by day or night, but by life, and that is one of the best things in the world. I’d love to be a part of how you tell your story, so that it is something that you
cherish forever.