Number Sixteen Hotel Weddings

Number Sixteen hotel is in a gorgeous location. Gemma and Roy chose the beautiful number sixteen for their wedding, It was a wedding amongst close friends and family, it had a wonderful intimate feel, The venue is hidden away in the heart of lively South Kensington, it has unique features such as a private garden  and has very quirky and unique Decor. This was multicultural wedding, Gemma being from London and Roy from Israel, the larger wedding/Party will be held at Tel- Aviv later this year. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Gemma and Roy had an instant connection with me, their wedding inspirations aligned with my own vision, they didn’t want anything unnatural or cheesy, they simply wanted their beautiful day to be captured in its natural entirety.  They understood the value of reportage photography, and for nearly all of the day I remained in the background capturing such wonderful moments without interference.  Their wedding was simply perfect, they wanted lots of time to talk catch up with friends and family, without anything being rushed. In the warm summers day the day continued without disturbance or interruption everything was how a wedding should be. The staff at Number sixteen and catering team were exceptional kind and calm in their every action, all such acts of professionalism is extremely important in a wedding, as me the photographer the venue and the staff and the couple all come together as a team. We all want the couple to have the best possible day. I would highly recommend the number sixteen hotel.

The location of the number sixteen hotel in the heat of South Kensington offers some stunning backdrops with the iconic white brick hotels it also in in near proximity to kensington gardens which is also great for couple photos.

Wedding at Number sixteen hotel

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