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david christopher wedding photographer
About David

"Wedding photography has been the perfect medium for me to create wonderful memories of love's celebration, that will be enjoyed through generations. I love the social aspect of being a photographer, as it allows me to build connections and gain a deep understanding of people and culture. I've been fortunate enough to photograph many happy couples worldwide as well as grow a team of like-minded professionals whose passions aligns with mine."


The intimate natural moments is where the magic unfolds. This is where the unexpected and the spontaneous photos are captured. We promise you'll fall in love with these details.


We work mostly in the background with the exception of couple photography, where gentle guidance is needed. Couples often enjoy these quiet moments in the day and in the evening more beautiful shots in the sunset can be captured.


We confidently work with natural and artificial lighting to produce the best results in all situations. Different venue lighting often requires both to make sure we don't miss a moment!

Dedication. Beauty. Romance. Storytelling.
The 'DC' Way

We're here to guide you.

We believe a bit of gentle guidance is key for producing the best results on camera, all while supporting your needs and creating the wedding of your dreams remains top of mind. Having photographed almost 200 weddings, we truly understand the complexities and demands of the day.

We're client-focused.

It's all about you. Our mission is to making our clients happy. Respect, kindness and open communication is essential when striving to create the best results. We proudly celebrate culture and diversity and have worked with clients from all walks of life.

We let creativity thrive.

Being creative is an essential part of photography and the driving force behind all our work. But we're also experts in the technical side, using state-of-the-art professional equipment and lighting. We strive in pushing the boundaries of wedding photography. We're on a mission to produce timeless moments through the creative art of photojournalism, but with a hint of artistic editing techniques to bring out something special in every photo.

We deliver works of art.

We believe wedding photos should be treated as carefully curated fine art pieces. Your photos have sentimental value; because we understand how valuable they are to you, we ensure a dedicated photo editor carefully edits every photo to the highest of industry standards. Only then we proudly release the photos and share them with you in an online gallery, luxury USB or fine art handmade album.

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