engagement photos in Holland Park London

Holland Park Engagement Photos

June 15, 2018

Holland Park Engagement shoot London

Holland Park

Engagement Shoot

Engagement photo shoots, are always complimented by the setting. In Holland Park the wonderful lush grounds and exquisite gardens offer something very unique for photographers. It includes formal and informal gardens including grassed and woodlands. The highlight for many is the Japanese Kyoto gardens which was built by renowned Japanese Garden Designer Shoji Nakahara, it was opened in July 2012 to commemorate the heartfelt gratitude of the Japanese people to the British people for their support following the natural disaster that struck Fukushima in Japan on the 11th of March 2011. I love working here and even in the busiest parts of the day, you can find secluded private areas. It opens at eight am, and that is truly the best time to start as it will be almost completely empty, if we head to the Japanese gardens first we will have them all to our selves. Henry and Becky were like most couples, unsure what to expect, but we all got into the shoot and I always base and treat every couple differently I wan’t the experience to be comfortable so you get the most out of it. Ultimately I believe in a universal philosophy nothing is worth doing if you don’t enjoy it and photography and being photographed is just the same, I do my absolute best to make the journey comfortable and fun.